Sit Up Straight!

Computer Posture A Must

…for health.

In all seriousness. When you sit at a computer all day you will eventually realize that it is hard. Most people will tell you that it is a cushy job that doesn't take an effort. We will not go into that right now. What I want to cover is that, while it is part of your daily life, it doesn't have to be. I used to be in the same position. Bad back, and a whole lot more. But while bad posture can stem from an injury, genetic predisposition, or another case, the truth is that most of us just have the bad habit of bad posture.

Still, with time and effort much of what we have done can be reversed, at least that is what they told me. And when I began undergoing physical therapy, however the thing that surprised me the most is that the clinic was and probably still is full of young people exactly like me.

They were mostly guys, most them were there because they have been playing too many computer games or because, like myself use a computer a lot. But it can be because they have an addiction to smartphones or simply work an office jobs etc.

If you choose a career in the tech industry it will happen to a lot of you too… I guarantee it.

I've been trying to not slouch which has made things a lot easier. When I use my computer, I sit up straight and keep my eye level with the top of the monitor.

Any time I have my phone in hand I hold it up near eye level. Looking down at your phone between your legs is the worst thing that you can do for your posture apparently.

Another thing that I learned was that you should avoid sitting in "office chairs" with low backs.

One problem is that because they're common in offices, where your well being is rarely important, that they must be good; they're not. Get a high backed chair that you'd typically associate with executives/ your boss. Try out a few chairs, see which fit your straight back best.

A nearby shop should have a show floor with chairs to test.

The chair I use is a Steelcase Leap, and it cost about a considerable amount, but it was by far the chair I spend the most time in, in the entire house.

I've had it for years, and it keeps my back straight, my arms level, and is over all the most comfortable desk chair I've ever owned. I can sit in it for hours without any back, neck or wrist fatigue.

Because trust me, you will get problems eventually, you can avoid some of them, or you can reduce the damage ahead of time.

It may seem bad, for some people it will be much, much worse.

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