Funny Story

I have had a lot of jobs. And when I was a teen one of my first was interning at a company that did video productions for TV.

Anyway, they had a big client that needed a commercial made since they were relocating to another facility across town. They wanted to show old footage, their family moments, etc. on their progress to their current state. It was a little sentimental and lots of video sources were required.

Well my company had used something like iMove to import all of the footage to the computer, but then
switched over to Final Cut Pro for actually editing the project.

Alright so far so good. They could reference all the files that had imported in the other program in Final Cut. The project was maybe half done when I was assigned to the task of finishing it.

I sat down and got to work on it for a bit, but realized that Final Cut wasn't working for me so I switched over to iMove. This is actually where the problem started because I saw the reason things were running so slow. The iMove trash can was pretty full, so I emptied it to free up some space. When I realized why they were using Final Cut I switch back over to the program which is when I get a bunch of "missing footage" errors.


I actually deleted the whole project that they had spent the last week working on.

I ended up spending the rest of the day importing the footage from the original tapes. If you have ever been exposed to this, you will know that this needs to be done in real time.

Regardless, handing that project over to me on my first day and have me accidentally deleting everything didn't make a great impression. After that was fixed, it turned out to be a pretty great summer internship that I quite enjoyed!