A Day at the Desk

Jobs can be strange. Well, they can have moments that are strange, but usually they are just jobs. But anyway I got this job about ten years ago.

In the first week on the job I was blown away at the technical ineptitude of the whole team. It really felt like they had no clue what they were doing. Even though their stats on paper looked good. Our job required a lot of code review. Out team had one of the worst ratings in the company. And I am not saying that I turned everything around. I did my job, the rest stayed the same. And performance improved slightly. When that happened I moved on to a better team. And the cycle continued. How they were able to maintain their jobs blows my mind to this day.

One example is this one coworker I had on the team. He would literally print out his code any time that he wanted me to look at it. He would seriously come to me with twenty pages of printout from the different parts of his program he felt were causing the problem.

It was strange, but it could have been worse.

When it first happened I teased him in good humor. I hoped that he would stop, unfortunately he didn't, not until I refused to help him if he didn't start using SVN for what it was made for.

It didn't stop there. If I would email him a solution he would print out the email and then type it back into his code manually from the printout. As you can imagine the man had an insane number of typos in his code that I had to make him fix after he "copied" it from my example.

Work can be enlightening.

I speak from experience.


Miami. Really?

When I am at conferences and what not people are always interested in life in Miami. "What's it like?"

I can only imagine that they think we're held over from the 80s Miami Vice, dance salsa in the streets, and "the" destination location for college kids with an alcohol problem.

So let me start off by saying that in Miami we have two seasons, summer and tourist season. Both are fine if you don't mind hot weather. Hot being the part to remember. I like to joke and say that we have humid summer and less humid summer. But lately I have been having a hard time figuring out where less humid summer starts. It used to be that it was winter when it got a tad less-summerish. The kind of weather you got to enjoy that cool breeze. In most parts of the US that cool breeze would be the equivalent of mid-summer. And the cool only lasts for a few days.

I know a lot of people will complain about the climate here. I find it to be much more comfortable than the Hazy/Hot/Humid summertime in other parts of the country. And while it is hot, it's honestly not as hot as elsewhere because of our climate. And the mild winters here are glorious.

I don't think you can go swimming in Michigan in Dec/Jan?

I love my city. You have the beach, the night scene, great food, and just about everything that's great about paradise.

With all of that said, I feel it's a great city to visit.

Maybe even spend a certain amount of years living there. But for many unless you are born there, you live the life and know the scene it can be overwhelming.

So to summarize if you don't mind sweating outside for 11 to 12 months and dealing with 3 months of rain a year you're ready to live the Miami life!