My Ten Most Useful Suggestions

  1. Get on GitHub, get your code there
    • Some people suggest only putting things on Github that you want to show off, but personally I have tons of small stuff on mine, and I think it's better to get something up rather than waiting for the perfect project.
    • Just make sure everything you put up runs, and is well written, with good, long, and descriptive variable names, and also write good files, even for basic stuff. Include command to run, libraries you need, and expected input/output.
  2. Write a web app that hits a database
    • 90% if not more of the jobs you will be doing will be writing code that pulls data from a database and puts spits it out into a browser.
  3. Network before you need a network
  4. Create a profile, connect to class mates, maybe professors. Connect to co-workers or people you meet at user groups. Create a network before you need a network. LinkedIn isn't magic but it's a way to persist the network.
  5. Know Linux
    • Debian and or Redhat. Linux or at least Unix-type systems are incredibly common. Microsoft even uses Linux! You can only increase in value by knowing them. Any large platform or service provider that isn't Microsoft is going to be using some variation of Linux. If you don't at least have some basic knowledge of the console, you will look pretty dumb.
  6. Get your site hosted, blog about software stuff, put your resume online
  7. Manage your career (no one will do that for you), figure out what's hot, what gets you paid for where you want to live
  8. Never be afraid to admit you don't know something
  9. Don't lie or be an asshole, it's a small world
  10. Know a little bit about a lot of things and a lot about one thing. Or to quote Thomas Henry Huxley:
    • “Try to learn something about everything and everything about something.”
  11. Never stop learning (this is a bonus suggestion)

And LinkedIn is useless. Don't waste your time getting recruiter spammed.

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